Term base: Updated CSV import

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Dear LingoHubbers,

To ensure future compatibility, we changed the header structure for term base CSV imports. The changes are documented in our term base Help Center article in full.

Below, you can find the most important changes:

  • Updated CSV header: The header structure changed, to allow more options. Future CSV files should adhere to the following formula:

  • Imports are now divided into simple and advanced imports:

    • Simple imports are performed when entryId is not found in the CSV header.
      The fields term and termLocale are mandatory.

    • Advanced imports are performed when entryId is found in the CSV header.
      The fields term, termLocale, and termIsSource are mandatory.

    How do they differ? Simple imports are read row by row, while advanced imports are read row by row but feature a grouping option through the entryId field. This means that different rows can be grouped together if they share an identical entryId value.

  • Default value true for the field entryTranslatable: If you do not define a value, it will automatically set to true.

For a full documentation and examples, visit our Help Center.

We hope you will enjoy the updated feature, and of course, as always, we'd love to hear about your experience with LingoHub.

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