Updated conversations feature

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Dear LingoHubbers,

As you know, we are always working on improving our product. We recently released a new UI for our conversations feature. Today some major improvements have been added to this feature.

  • Filter your conversations:
    You can easily filter open or closed conversations. Additionally you can filter by segment id, user, project, and time of entry. Filter submenu
  • Search content and titles of conversations:
    We implemented a powerful search which helps you find conversations quickly.
  • Pin important conversations at the top:
    Are some conversations important to you? Pin them at the top. New features
  • Upload screenshots without the need to add text:
    Do you only want to provide screenshots for some text segments? Now screenshots do not need additional text anymore.
  • Titles are now optional:
    We removed the need to add mandatory titles. Now you can either set a title or it will be automatically generated for you based on the first comment.
  • Pre-applied filters from the editor side-menu:
    Now that filters are back, when you open the conversations feature from the editor's side-menu, filters will be automatically added for the selected text segment.

You never heard of, or used our conversations feature? Be sure to check out our online documentation here. It will guide you step-by-step.

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