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Helmut Michael Juskewycz
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The LingoHub Style Guides are a set of standards established for the translators to follow while translating texts. They promote the consistency of the translations within all the projects in which they are used.

To access your Style Guides or to create a new one, select the Organization settings in the navigation bar and choose Style Guides.


Added Formality

We’ve added a new Formality option to your set of Style Guide criteria.

There are 2 available options for this Style Guide: Formal and Informal and it is used to get more accurate translations from the Machine Translation. If we take the German language, for instance, the MT suggestions will use Sie (formal) or Du (informal) depending on the defined Formality.


Why are Style Guides helpful?

Once you have defined your Style Guides, you can start using them in your projects. To do so, you have to set your Style Guide in the Translation Tools tab of the Project's Preferences.

Style Guides improve your experience in multiple ways:

  • Improve Machine Translation suggestions - the defined formality will be attached to DeepL
  • Support translators when you order translations: The Style Guide will be added to your translation order allowing your external translators to follow the defined rules.
  • Act as a guideline for your in-house translators

Read more about Style Guides in our Help Center. If there's anything we can help you with, please get in touch at [email protected].

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