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Around the world with 10 unique words

Translation at it’s best is a mixture of education, practice, and talent. But even the best translators sometimes have trouble conveying the true meaning of the original text. Languages across the world boast a richness of meaning, with incredibly succinct words. Here are some of the unique words from all over the world that often defy direct translation and convey …

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Chipolo – a LingoHub Global Champion

The vision of Chipolo is a world where you never waste time searching your keys and your phone, and where your lost luggage always finds a way home. Inspired by all things misplaced and powered by a chip’n’app approach, their story began with the launching of a Kickstarter campaign in 2013. They have come a long way in the previous …

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Market Spotlight: 10 big players of India’s app market to keep your eye on

In one of our previous Marketing Spotlight article, we discussed the vast potential Indian app market has. There are more than 20 official languages in India, and a thousand languages actively in use, while half a billion of mobile users actively contribute to a masterful revenue each year. Your competition is aware of it and if you are ready to …

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Get inspired with these 4 TED talks on the evolution of languages

Where do all languages come from? What makes a language real? Why should we preserve traditional alphabets and why should we make up new words? Get your boost of inspiration and dive into the magical evolution of language with these four inspirational TED and TEDx Talks. Why are these 32 symbols found in ancient caves all over Europe? Genevieve von …

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Market Spotlight: Join the race for India’s app market

In the Market Spotlight series, we will research the opportunities and challenges of new, emerging and overlooked markets. We will mainly focus on app markets and how to win them over with your product. So far, we visited China and Brazil, and today, we take a look at the land of a thousand languages – India. India – a galaxy …

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Why Your Translations Can’t Yet be Fully Automated

This guest blog post has been brought to you by Kayleigh Alexandra from MicroStartups. There’s no denying that the rise of automation has achieved some incredible things. It’s similarly inarguable that machine learning in the translation field is making major strides. For example, semantic mapping is already widely in use and there is every chance that the coming years will …